Plumbing installation
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Decide whether a job is simple or complicated. Simple jobs involve replacing existing exposed pipe and fixtures. If you have to go behind the wall to do any of your replacement work, consider hiring a professional. Consider hiring a Brooklyn Plumbing Company professional.

Troubleshoot the problem. If its low water pressure, figuring out how much of your plumbing system is affected tells you where the leak is located. If it's a majority of your system, it's probably close to the source. If it's only one faucet, then it's probably more localized. A drip means replacing or tightening a faucet and its hardware. A leaky drain might just mean replacing some pipes or hopefully just tightening them. Install new hoses or drain pipes in the same places as the old ones, and replace any faucets, valves or other parts as needed. Wrap tape around any joints between parts before you thread them.