Faucet and fixture
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Usually, if it’s a new sink, the task becomes easier than when the sink is already in place, and you have to install the faucet. Now, in the case of a new sink, what you can do is, you can firstly always install the faucet before fixing the sink, which you cannot in the case of an already existing sink. But nevertheless, here's a step by step illustration of the same.
  At the beginning, shut off the water supply, especially if you are replacing an old faucet for kitchen faucet installation. Then, around the faucet, fix a bead of silicon caulking. Between the faucet's base plate and the sink, put or rather insert a rubber gasket. This will create a watertight seal. If there is no gasket, seal the cavity of the faucet using plumber's putty. Now let the faucet go through the holes in the sink meant for the faucet and press properly in order to form a seal.